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Based on the kinesiological system of 3in1 Concepts The Moving Voice is a physical method to help identify and resolve deeply rooted stress issues that can affect performance.

Why use kinesiology in voice work?

The voice lives within the body and is therefore dependent on its well being. The ability to vocally express ourselves depends on our physical and mental state.

Appropriate Kinesiological corrections and exercises can be applied in voice work to the performer's benefit, for instance balancing of the blood-, lymph- or energy flows in the body, promoting physical and emotional wellbeing.

Many voice practitioners talk about the involvement of what could be called a 'vocal stress event' in the forming of vocal habits. Examples of this include the music teacher who ridicules us in front of the class when we sing, or the parent who tells us to be quiet when we are noisy.

We respond with stress, and the memory of this event is subconsciously stored in our brains, the 'back of our minds'- ready to be triggered at any time in the future and possibly influencing us for the rest of our vocal lives.

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