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3in1Concepts is a blend of Edu-Kinesiology, Touch for Health and other branches of Kinesiology. It is applied to release emotional stress as well as improve learning and performing abilities.

To achieve a deep sense of physical and emotional release the Indicator Muscle Test is used - to help define and resolve negative beliefs and thinking patterns that can prevent us from reaching our full potential.
Muscle testing
helps not only to determine acute stress in the body (relevant for instance in stage fright and performance anxiety). Applied on a deeper level it can also identify the time of the 'vocal stress event', isolate the cause of the habit and defuse the unresolved stress while the person reprocesses the event again in the conscious brain.

The sequence of a balance might evolve like this:

One special tool in 3in1Concepts is age recession. The Muscle Test can be used to identify the age in which the stress pattern first occurred (a teacher at school told us we read too fast, since then we get nervous when we have to sight read for a part). 3in1Concepts allows us to defuse the stress in the body while it "remembers" the time when the stress reaction was first stored in the brain. This means a negative belief pattern

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