Before I met Simone, I had never heard of Kinesiology and had no idea what to expect - subsequently I have to say that I attended the first couple of sessions with some scepticism and a great deal of trepidation.
I can't honestly say even now that I fully understand how the whole process works, but what I do know is that it definitely has a positive effect and that's good enough for me.
I had experienced problems with my voice for over three years - speech therapists, medical practitioners and other holistic therapies provided no improvement whatsoever and I felt like I was running out of options.
Simone immediately made me feel relaxed, she has such a calm and friendly nature about her that I feel like I've known her for years, so any feelings of apprehension I may have had disappeared pretty much as soon as I walked in the door.
Kinesiology allows you to discover new things about yourself and think about things from a completely different angle.
Since meeting with Simone my voice has improved dramatically and the relief of being able to communicate again is immeasurable - I personally can't thank her enough.
Carole Beckwith (MTV Networks Europe)

In teaching stress is par for the course, but when I was recently diagnosed with a stomach condition that was stress- related I knew that I had to do something about it.
Like anyone, I get nervous about seeking out people for help, Simone's session however was a breath of fresh air.
Simone has an easy friendly manner, and immediately made me feel at ease with both her and the work. The work itself is remarkable and because I was in the driving seat I never felt that I was being manipulated, or taken to a place where I felt I couldn't pull back. Simone simply listened to my body; and where it was, and how far it wanted to go at that point in time with recovery. She then offered very simple practical exercises that I could use both inside and outside of the sessions.   What also amazed me was how quickly results could be achieved. I came in with a lot of stomach acid, but at the end of the session, after Simone had done an exercise with me that worked on the stomach, my stomach acid just disappeared!
Simone doesn't provide all the answers, or do all the work for you. A session is a dialogue between you, your body and the practitioner as equals, not master and subject. The work certainly suited me very well, and has made a big difference to me.
Alex Bingley, Voice Coach and teacher of Shakespeare on the BA(Hons) Acting Course, Italia Conti Academy of Theatre Arts London

This work really gave me back the power to make positive changes on a holistic level instead of staying with negative patterns. Both mentally, physically and emotionally I found myself choosing to act and react differently to those things that cause suffering.
Freedom to choose meant freedom to express myself on all levels.
Ana Gracey, Voice Coach and founder of The Vocal Athlete

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