Kinesiology: official website 3in1Concepts, based in California a great source of information on kinesiology has an extensive list of trainers and practitioners all over the country

Voice: the VOICE AND SPEECH TRAINERS ASSOCIATION website, a wonderful network of voice teachers the UK version

Friends & colleagues: a kinesiologist from Berlin with whom I did most of my training (German) Institute of Applied Kinesiology in Hanover - Frederick Schumacher is 3in1Concepts Faculty in Germany (German) Gillyanne Kayes and Jeremy Fisher, founders of vocal process and authors of "Singing and the Actor" & "Successful Singing Auditions" if you fancy a retreat in France combined with a bit of Shakespeare then THIS is your site! actor, director, teacher and a continously curious mind truly one of the greatest voices I know innovative and experimental acting school in Berlin (German) London's training centre for professional actors a place in Berlin where actors and artists can find interesting workshops a great friend and voice coach, Rena Cook great singer, musician and inspired vocal coach Ana Gracey Simon is a wonderful singer, violinist and physical actor (German) a storyteller with a guitar, passionate and with compelling honesty a close friend, actress, singer, and one of the Berlin Impro elite (German)

Personal favourites: simply one of the best theatres in the world...

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